If you are interested in auditioning for St. Joseph Valley Camerata, please email Scott Hochstetler.

Audition details

  1. The audition lasts about 15 minutes.
  2. The audition consists of:
    1. A vocalise to check range.
    2. One prepared solo (ex. art song, opera or oratorio aria) in a language other than English.
      • the piece does not need to be memorized.
      • music for the accompanist and music director should be provided
      • the singer might be asked to sing his/her solo again and adjust the tone and/or level of vibrato.
    3. One prepared choral excerpt from "For Unto Us a Child Is Born" in Handel's Messiah to check ability to sing melismatic passages.
      • Download the score.
      • Singers should prepare the following measures: sopranos: ms. 13-18, altos: ms. 56-61, tenors: ms. 38-41, basses: ms. 19-24.
      • Taking a "catch breath" in the middle of the run is perfectly acceptable.
    4. A short sight-reading excerpt that will have piano accompaniment.
    5. Tonal memory passages where 4-5 notes will be played on the piano and sung back by the singer.
  3. Please bring to the audition a short list of your musical background, musical education, and performing experience.